Ewokie Whale – Light

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A Parody version of a Ewok. This whale started off in my Wholly Whale collection. I added small ears to make it look like a bear whale and it reminded me so much of a Ewok so I made a hat for it.

Please note that this is not endorsed by Disney and LucasFilms.

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  • For ages 4+.
  • Handmade from with all new materials.
  • Made with Synthetic Fur.
  • Contains Plastic Safety Eyes.
  • Machine washable cold.
  • Made to Order – Please allow 3-5 days before Item is shipped.
  • 2 Sizes:
    • Small: 8″ x 4.5 ”  x 6.5″ (Approximate).
    • Large: Info will be updated soon (Approximate).

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Plush Toys


Ewok, Wooly Whales


For Ages 4 and Up


Made to Order

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