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New Year..New Beginnings…New Items being posted and possible shipping delays

Hello All,

Wanted to give you all an update on a few things:

  • I’m still updating the website, I had to slow things down a bit because I ended being ill with bronchitis.I caught it late last week and it looks like its going away, YAY!
  • I live in Southern California, due to the wacky weather we are experiencing, there might be slight delay in shipping in the month of January. If anything I’ll inform you of any news if USPS sends me anything.
  • News for next week, Any new orders made next week (January 10-16), will have a slower processing and shipping time. I’ll be preparing for Anime Impulse held in Pomona, Ca. Orders received during January 10-12, have a better chance of being process and shipped than orders received on January 13-16.

Thank you all and I hope you all have a Great New Year!!

Rizzo Michelle